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Keep Up To Date On All Things A.C. Landwin

Here you can see all things new going on with A.C. Landwin. We are always working hard to keep our business growing. Also, see the link below to keep up to date on Spool Rule!

Our New Shop

Located in the heart of historic downtown Kelley, Iowa, our new shop is the latest addition to A.C. Landwin. What started out as an operation out of our owner's garage has now reached full scale potential with plenty of storage space, office space for operations, and retail space that is available for rent. 


If you have a business and are looking for a clean, new, and modern space to operate your business, we have retail space available. We are in a prime location located between Ames and Des Moines, and it would be an honor to see your business grow! Please call 515-290-4090 for more information.

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